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Artist, songwriter and producer from the south coast of the UK. Working closely with artists to ensure their vision is achieved.

I work out of my private studio Radioaction! in Portsmouth, UK, writing, producing and engineering pop/indie/alternative music with variety of different artists from all over the world. Having achieved a BA (Hons) in Professional Music Production at the Academy of Contemporary Music, I have gone on to work on multiple releases for artists and bands including Osvaldo Supino, Taichi Ro, WILBUR, Jordan Jones, The Bleechers, and In the Atlantic.

In 2019, I worked closely with Osvaldo Supino for the international release of his latest album 'SPARKS', and its Spanish language counterpart 'LUCES'. The debut single from the album reached the Top 5 in the Italian iTunes charts.

I am also an active solo artist, and multiple releases have received acclaim from BBC Radio.

I'm always interested in working closely with artists to ensure their vision is achieved to the highest possible standard.
If you're interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project!



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